Are you a thrill-seeker? Do you like hang-gliding? So the Saint-Hilaire du Touvet flight platform is a must. Visit paragliding on the Petites Roches plateau is more than a sport, it’s an institution. Who hasn’t heard of the legendary Coupe Icare? A not-to-be-missed event whose reputation is well established. Visit paragliding in Saint-Hilaire du Touvet near Grenoble allows free-flight enthusiasts to fly in the heart of the most beautiful massifs in Chartreuse and Belledonne. For the uninitiated, it’s also possible to take a duo flight, enjoy a first paragliding experience in the Chartreuse or take a course with a sailing school.

A sumptuous setting for flying

The Petits Roches plateau offers a starting point in the foothills of the Chartreuse and is a popular spot for paragliders. Paragliding in Saint-Hilaire du Touvet is a real institution, and not just because of the Coupe Icare. The village of Saint Hilaire du Touvet has always been one of the best spots for paragliding, welcoming paragliders from all over the world. Regardless of the hustle and bustle on the 3rd weekend of September, the Plateau des Petites Roches paragliding site offers marvellous flying conditions and facilities.

Paragliders will find :

  • 3 take-off zones with carpeted areas to put you in the best flying conditions
  • A landing zone as large as an airfield, so you can land in complete peace of mind.
  • Exceptional climatic and geographical conditions favor long-haul flights and long distances.
  • A breathtaking panorama with breathtaking views of the surrounding massifs of Belledonne, Vercors and Chartreuse.

Take your first paragliding flight with professionals

There are many sworn, seasoned professionals ready to share their passion with you. Offering a wide range of paragliding outings in the Grésivaudan valley, they enable everyone to find the formula that suits them best.

Looking for an original gift for yourself or someone you love?
offers introductory flights and paragliding baptisms ranging from 10 minutes for a contact flight to 45 minutes for an adventure flight.

Would you like to learn or improve your hang-gliding skills? The sailing schools on the Plateau des Petites Roches offer introductory and advanced courses. Prévol offers 3-day introductory courses, 5-day introductory courses and advanced courses.

Combine hiking and paragliding

If you like walking as well as flying, then you can enjoy Rando paragliding . You’ll walk to your base or take-off spot, before taking off in your paraglider to come back down.

Around Saint-Hilaire du Touvet, you can enjoy a flight over the Pas de Fer, a flight over the Dent de Crolles via the Col du Coq or the Pas de l’Oreille. These ideas for outings are of course reserved for experienced paragliders, but allow you to discover all the treasures of the Petites Roches plateau.

Paragliding first flights and courses



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