Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a Sunday outing with the family, the Plateau des Petites Roches is the perfect playground for your desire for freedom. The Plateau des Petites Roches is the perfect playground for your desire for freedom. From the summit of the Dent de Crolles or the top of the Gran Som, you can’t help but marvel at the magnificent panoramas that open up before you. Every hike in the Chartreuse will be an awakening to the magic of the landscape.

Walks for everyone

The Chartreuse massif and the Plateau des Petites Roches offer a wealth of hiking opportunities. However, it’s best to choose your itinerary according to your level of fitness, or if you’re hiking with your family on the Petites Roches plateau.


For those looking for an easy hike, the cascades, the Dioux and the moulin de porte traine are classic easy hikes on the Plateau des Petites Roches . Similarly, the plateau des petites roches can be reached from the funicular site. These two tours take around 2 hours 20 minutes to complete, covering 5 km.

Do you have more hiking experience in the Chartreuse? You can aim for medium-difficulty hikes. For example, the
de La source
(around the dead Guiers river) will give you the chance to cool off in the forest and near the waterfall.

Multi-day tours

Are you a seasoned hiker who enjoys walking for several days at a time? Set off on a 4-day self-guided tour with bivouacs. The 4 summits loop of the Plateau des Petites Roches will take you to 4 emblematic Chartreuse summits: the summit of Chamechaude, the Grand Som, the lance of Malissard and the Dent de Crolles. A total of 70 km and 5200 metres of ascent.

Organised walks in Chartreuse

You don’t like hiking on your own, or prefer to be accompanied by a guide for safe outings? Then choose an organized hike from the Plateau des Petites Roches.