Explore the Chartreuse and the Plateau des Petites Roches to discover art craftsmen. Along the way, you can meet potters, woodturners and seamstresses

The artisans of the Plateau des Petites Roches are committed to enhancing the local heritage, and to making the most of it. Their know-how, acquired over many years of experience, enables them to offer handcrafted products. Whether you’re a potter or a woodturner, the craftsmen and women of La Chartreuse will always be able to offer you the very best in handcrafted items.

Discover our pottery workshop, made from crushed rocks recovered from the Chartreuse massif. Further on, stop off at Christophe the woodturner‘s workshop. He’ll tell you how he got his wood essence during one of his own hikes.

Les artisans du plateau des petites roches :

Preserving know-how

The richness of the Chartreuse massif is also due to the craftsmen and women who work the small rocks. Anxious to preserve their traditions, they work hard every day to produce traditional Chartreuse products.

After years of practice and expertise, the artisans of the Plateau des Petites Roches work the raw materials to create high-quality products. As well as offering you original products, they help to pass on local know-how.

Chartreuse craftsmen

Visit our craftsmen’s workshops, take part in sculpture courses or simply buy a piece of pottery. It doesn’t matter, come and meet the craftspeople of the Plateau des Petites Roches and discover practices and techniques that are sometimes ancestral.

Use our guide to find the addresses of all the craftspeople in Chartreuses and set off to meet them. Designers and craftspeople near Grenoble rooted in local traditions